Porcelain Cake Plate Rabbit Design Creative Decor


  • Ideal to use for parties and catering
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Has a rabbit design: one rabbit and three rabbits
  • Weight: about 1000 grams
  • Size: 22 x 21 x 11 cm
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Porcelain Cake Plate Rabbit Design Creative Decor

Have you been finding a porcelain cake plate with a rabbit design? Would you want to use a tray for displaying your food and pastries? You will have the best method for your food and pastry when you put it on this tray. This food tray is not your average type because it comes with a cute design that accentuates the entire display. If you look at pastry shops, bakeries, and other restaurants, they use this food tray.

Most of the time, they put it on the center table or by the display window. Its main purpose is to get the attention of bypassers, guests, clients, and diners. When you use a tray like this, the focus will be on the food which is placed in the middle. Putting it on a regular plate may not suffice, so it is advisable to highlight and emphasize it more. The best way is to use this porcelain food tray. Get one for your home and use it during parties and events.

Product Description and Details

This display window cake stand is constructed with ceramic materials. It boasts excellent craftsmanship for its design and features. The tray comes with a rabbit design on the lower part of the tray. It seems like it’s the one holding the plate. Furthermore, it looks charming, adorable, and eye-catchy too. This pretty cute rabbit-shaped snack stand is perfect for presenting food on something to make it a little more special. In addition, it could be a lovely gift that won’t fail, and can also be an excellent gift for a wedding or a birthday. It can be placed on your desk, amusing children, and delight

adults. It is Hand-painted and eccentric in design. This item is suitable for macaroons, cupcakes, cookies, and fruit slices. It makes you thoroughly enjoy your food with this adorable rabbit.

 Porcelain Cake Plate Details

Lastly, this serving platter has elevation because of the rabbit. It comes with several designs, but they all have the same purpose of accentuating the food in the middle of the platter. It weighs about 1000 grams. The size is 22 x 21 x 11 cm. It is also of high-quality ceramic material.

Specification: Porcelain Cake Plate Rabbit Design Creative Decor

Pattern Cartoon
Material ceramic
Porcelain Cake Plate Rabbit Design Creative Decor
Porcelain Cake Plate Rabbit Design Creative Decor


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