Potato Rumbler for Cleaning and Peeling


  • EASY PEELER: Makes it very easy to peel potatoes or remove fish scales just by scrubbing the surface.
  • COMFORTABLE: Easy to grip and comfortable feel in your hand.
  • MATERIALS: This Eco-friendly tool is made of plastic
  • COLOR: Green, yellow
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x Potato Rumbler


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Potato Rumbler for Cleaning and Peeling

Potato rumbler is a brilliant and smart kitchen tool that is used for cleaning potato peels. It’s a handy plastic tool that you can rumble on the potatoes to clean the surfaces and make it mud and dirt-free. However, if we opt to peel the skin entirely, we can also possibly use this device to do that task as well. This is for you if you want to save time in peeling. If you want to make sure not to cut your hands with sharp knives and devices, better stock on this one.


This creative kitchen tool is fragrance-free and is non-toxic. So they are good to use even for people with sensitive skin. This is made of high-quality plastic that can last a long time and is tested for its durability. You are surely going to grip it well without leaving bruises on your hands. Not only is it impermeable, but it’s also very convenient to wash, clean, and get rid of the dirt after using it. It may seem that it’s perfect for cleaning and peeling tomatoes. However, you may also use it on any vegetables and fruits with the same functions. The main goal is to remove unwanted particles and dirty surfaces. By the looks of it, it comes in handy and modern. You can place and hang it wherever. The best way is to put it around hanging storage since you can save space.

Multifunctional Potato Rumbler

Apart from using this to clean your fruits and vegetable peelings. It surprisingly fits to use for cleaning fish scales. Remove the scales of expensive quality fish without ruining the outer appearance of it. Compared to using a knife or other kitchen tools, you will have a better result with this. How can you not invest in a tiny modern kitchen tool that works more than its size?

Specification: Potato Rumbler for Cleaning and Peeling

Brand Name


Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type

Peelers & Zesters



Model Number







Easy Clean, Non-Stick

Product Category



Potato peeler


Fruit Vegetable Brush


Fish scale removal tool





Potato Rumbler for Cleaning and Peeling
Potato Rumbler for Cleaning and Peeling
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