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Raw Egg Shell Opener - A Creative Kitchen Tool

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Free Shipping Worldwide

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  • Dimensions: L*W*H: 10*8*0.8 cm
  • Durable and compact
  • Food grade quality
  • Stainless steel and rustproof
  • Minimizes egg peeling time

Raw Egg Shell Opener – A Creative Kitchen Tool

Why do you need to invest in a raw egg shell opener? Peeling the boiled eggs is much easier now with simple and effective gadgets like the clipper tool for eggs. You can easily remove the shell without much effort or mess when you have this tool at home. There are many people, especially those who are into fitness and bodybuilding and have several egg whites every day and having this cutter will make the entire process faster and smoother.

Product Specifications

The product is a kind of cutter, known as egg scissors for its handle design and the mechanism that is similar to scissors. Being of stainless steel metal it has a dimension of 10x8x0.8 cm. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is very durable and can last for years if you can for it enough.

Benefits Of Using The Product

There are several benefits of using the boiled egg snipper, and you can rest assured that your breakfast will be prepared much quicker for it.

It minimizes the mess around peeling eggs. Chances of burning your hand while peeling a just-boiled egg reduce to zero.

When you have many eggs to peel, the time required gets minimized by using the peeler. Also, stainless steel is easy to clean, and hence, the eggs will not get contaminated by germs and similar problems.

The peeler is a one-time investment. Though it is very cheap, hence making it an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Make all your kitchen chores like cooking that involves boiled eggs faster and easier by investing in the eggshell snipper tool. It is available from leading online stores for kitchenware, and you can rest assured your cooking time will get significantly minimized with such handy tools. With multiple options available, you can definitely end up selecting the right option.

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