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Protect The Burner With The Ultimate Stove Pad

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  • Universal size fits almost every gas knob or can trim into the perfect size.
  • It has made out of Teflon coating fiberglass cloth.
  • It has an easy cleanup property; It can be washed using soap water or inside a dishwasher.
  • Dimensions: 27×27 cm each Gas Range Protectors.
  • The package contains 4 Gas Range Protectors.
  • The material is completely non-stick, as well as stains or dirt can easily be washed off from the cloth.

The Ultimate Burner Protector Stove Pad

The product in the description is Protect the Burner with the Ultimate Stove Pad. The product is unique and is made perfect for your kitchen. While your gas stove burns all day to help you prepare your delicious food, we must care for its maintenance.

The dirt or stains from cooking are rigid as well as require more than just regular cleaning. These gas range protectors are the perfect solution for safekeeping of your family, while you cook delicious food for them.

The protectors protect your burner from tackling any stains, as well as most importantly, you can wash off these protectors easily. Just wash them with soap and water. It consists of Teflon coating fiberglass cloth, which makes it durable and gives a perfect look to your stove.

Each pad can be used several times just after wash. The gas range protectors have dedicated to enhancing the life span of your gas stove and thus makes it a must recommend the product for every individual.

Premium Quality

The Stove pad consists of high-quality Teflon coating glass fiber cloth, which makes it long-lasting as well as durable. The material has an easy cleanup property. Every gas range protector is reusable just after completely washing it.


The Stove Pad protects your gas burners from all the stains as well as dirt can collects while cooking using oil or another ingredient. It helps preserve the original shine of your stove even after years of use. It will also ensure your burners to run more efficiently, increasing the life span of your gas stove.

Stove Pad Gives Vibrant Colours

Gas Range Protectors are available in three different vibrant colors to suit your kitchen’s background. The product is available in Silver, Beige, as well as Black. These are three of the most favored colors for this product.

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Protect The Burner With The Ultimate Stove Pad



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