Burner Cover That Will Increase The Life Of Your Gas Stove


  • Product: Eco-friendly
  • Product Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 270 x 270mm/ 10.63″ x 10.63″
  • Size: can fit any burner
  • Color: silver
  • Cleaning: easy to clean and wash them


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Now, we often find it tough to clean our gas stoves after cooking. They get incredibly messy and sometimes even impose danger to our life. Therefore, it is best to put a  burner cover under them. They ensure your safety and are also easy to use.

Features Of Gas Stove Protectors

These stove protectors are simple to use and can also fit different gas stoves. You can easily trim the sides of the covers to make them conform to your stove. Also, these are non-sticky and non-flammable. Thus, you need not worry about these getting burned up. In addition to this, they are easy to clean. You can easily wash them in hot water. Also, these are reusable. Further, the burner covers can withstand temperature to 260 degrees Celsius. The size of the protectors is about 270 x 270mm/ 10.63″ x 10.63″. Also, they are available in two color options, which are black and silver.

How To Use The Burner Cover?

These covers are simple to use. You need to cut them to the size of your stove and place it over them. However, do remove all the accessories of the furnace and then measure the size. This will provide you with the accurate size of the burner. Then cut the protector according to the size. Lay the meat on the stove and reassemble all the accessories.

Convenient To Use

These are simple covers that you can use in your kitchen. They will not only protect you from any accident that might happen in the kitchen. But also increase the life of your burners. Since most of the stoves tend to get damaged because of all the spillovers that accidentally happen on them. This results in their clogging, and they stop working. Thus, if you use mats, it will prevent their clogging. Also, these are dishwasher safe, so you can even wash them in your dishwasher.

Specification: Burner Cover That Will Increase The Life Of Your Gas Stove

Brand Name


Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type




Model Number

Rayfox 4261148


Fruit & Vegetable Tools




Silicone Rubber

Burner Cover That Will Increase The Life Of Your Gas Stove
Burner Cover That Will Increase The Life Of Your Gas Stove
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