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Salad Fork Eco-Friendly Wooden Tableware

$24.67 $23.74

  • Allows you to have a nice and decent serving fork
  • One purchase comes with 5 pcs already
  • Material: wood
  • Size : 230mm
  • Package content: 5 x Salad fork

$24.67 $23.74

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Salad Fork Eco-Friendly Wooden Tableware

This salad fork is an eco-friendly tableware because it is made of wood. So it is safer for the environment and more sustainable. It is a fork that is ideal to use when making and mixing salad. It also functions as a serving spoon when eating salad, pasta, and the likes. Like in any other food, having a serving spoon id essential in order to be hygienic when getting food.

Features Of The Salad Fork

This product is definitely and 100% brand new. Made with a top-quality material that is long-lasting. The wood is durable, sturdy and it has a smooth finish. So it is comfortable to hold and use. And because of that, it makes the fork easy to clean. Though it is wood, this fork is actually reusable. so it is economical in a sense. Because you do not need to buy a wooden fork over and over. You can just clean and wash this fork and use it again.

One good thing about this type of tableware is that it does not harm or scratch your other tablewares like bowls, cups, and plate. This wooden fork is scratch resistant. Furthermore, it has a non-stick surface so you do not have to worry about food sticking on it.

Lastly, this kind of tableware is safe to put on a disinfecting cabinet or to use ozone to sterilize and clean it thoroughly. A special note though is that you can’t put it in a microwave or oven.

Multipurpose Use

These forks are ideal for home use, as mentioned above, for pasta and salad. You can use this when you have parties at home with friends and family. Furthermore, you can also bring this along when you go outdoors. Whether you are hiking, mountain climbing, lake fishing or in a picnic.

Specification: Salad Fork Eco-Friendly Wooden Tableware

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Dinner Fork

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Wooden forks

Salad Fork Eco-Friendly Wooden Tableware
Salad Fork Eco-Friendly Wooden Tableware

$24.67 $23.74

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