Sink Strainer: Here’s Why To Buy


  • Type: kitchen tool
  • Brand Name: Baffle Funnel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Kitchen Tool Type: Sink Strainers
  • Color: Yellow, Red, Blue
  • purpose: Straining
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Sink Strainer: Here’s Why To Buy

Do you face difficulties to keep your kitchen free from germs and clean? Not only dirty and shabby sink unhygienic, but it also looks unsightly. So, if you are using your sink for the preparation of food, it is essential that it is germs-free and clean at all times. For this, it is good for you to use the best kitchen strainer that should be clean and effective. Moreover, it should be very durable and work effortlessly. In this condition, using a sink strainer is the best choice for you.  The vital function of sink strainers is to prevent waste and other food from clogging pipes. But some sinks contain large holes that allow food to pass through the pipes easily. Fortunately, this big problem can be eliminated by installing this sink strainer.  This stylish and smart sink strainer has micro-perforations that make it different from others. It means that even the little pieces of waste and food will be caught by the sink to eliminate the blocking of pipes. However, chemicals, water, and other liquids can pass through the holes easily. 

Very Resistant And Durable To Rust:

The double-sheeted metallic rim is equipped at the bottom of the filter that prevents it from rusting. Moreover, the stainless steel design is very resistant and durable to rust. Also, this filter comes as a pair, which is best for people who have more than one kitchen sink. 

Specification-Sink Strainer:

Comfortable grip, handle design, comfortable grip, easy to pick and store,  hanging design The product is made of pure and High-quality PP material, the texture is good, no bubbles, no impurities Uniform distribution of orifices, quick filtration of excess water and grease, easy to use Easy to use and easy to store So, by using this sink strainer, you can enjoy these features and specifications. The best thing is you can buy this sink strainer at affordable prices.   

Specification: Sink Strainer: Here’s Why To Buy



Metal Type


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length 28.5* width 10.5* height 0.5cm

Sink Strainer: Here’s Why To Buy
Sink Strainer: Here’s Why To Buy
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