Soup Spoon With Filter Skimmer For Kitchen Use

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  • Allows you to conveniently transfer viands with soup conveniently
  • Has a long handle to prevent you from touching the hot surface
  • Comes in two colors: green and pink
  • Material: PP plastic
  • Package content: 1 x Soup Spoon with Skimmer


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Soup Spoon With Filter Skimmer For Kitchen Use

A soup spoon with filter skimmer is a unique kitchen utensil that is ideal to use for viands with soup. This two in one ladle is a kitchen essential. Cooking is more enjoyable when you have the right tools with you. Having a utensil that can help you cook a good meal is a very big help. Especially when you cook a hearty soup meal. You need a special ladle that allows you to get soup, transfer it to a bowl for it to be ready to consume. This particular spoon can help you achieve just that and more. Because it is two in one, you can get the meat minus the soup with the help of the skimmer. Yes, with one spoon, you can do two different things.

Convenience In The Kitchen

One of the obvious benefits you get with this two in one spoon is the convenience you get out of it. You don’t have to take out two different spoons just so you can transfer the soup and meat. You can just have one and conveniently put soup and meat simultaneously. That way you get to save more time and you can use that extra time to do something else.

Product Description Of The Soup Spoon

The material for the spoon is a food-grade PP plastic. They are thick enough, strong and durable so you can use it over and over. Furthermore, they are friendly to the environment and they are degradable. It has a polished finish so it is smooth and does not hurt or bruise your hand. The spoon even has a hanging hole so you can easily hang it on a wall. The handle is long enough so you don’t get your hands to touch the hot surface of the pot.

Specification: Soup Spoon With Filter Skimmer For Kitchen Use


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Soup Spoon With Filter Skimmer For Kitchen Use
Soup Spoon With Filter Skimmer For Kitchen Use


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