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Stainless Steel Slicing Bread Knife 8 Inch



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Perks Of Using Stainless Bread Knife

Use the SOWOLL Stainless Steel Slicing Bread Knife 8 inch Kitchen Knives and make cooking easy for you. Kitchen knives also need constant maintenance to perform optimally, the compact kitchen knife sharpener is the answer to all of your dull problems. This device functions primarily to sharpen dull blades and bring them back to full functionality and sharpened perfection. This saves you time for other kitchen processes and tasks. Made from high-quality and eco-friendly stainless steel, the blade sharpener features two sharpening stages from coarse to excellent. The use of the two steps depends upon your desired sharpening results, but the result will surely ensure quality.

Features Of Stainless Steel Slicing Bread Knife

The hardness of the knife is 60-62 HRC. The material of the knife is Complete Stainless Steel. The Characteristics are Non-stick, easily cut, very sharp, high hardness, high toughness, durable, high-grade, super anti-rust, Light energy, and many more. Secure your kitchen knives and keep them sleek, sharp, and polished using this portable and convenient blade sharpener. This kitchen tool is proven to provide top of the line results. However, everybody wants to complete their work quickly and efficiently, so they try to find out the simplest to do their job. Whether it is the office of the kitchen, people want to complete the work quickly.

Points To Remember

  1. Please place the knife away from the place that kids can reach.
  2. Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it at the dry place or device.
  3. The blade is very sharp, please do not use fingers to test its sharpness.
  4. Please do not keep the blade edge forward anybody or point to people.
  5. Moreover, please do not catch the knife by hand when the knife drops down.
  6. Please do not use the knife to cut bone, frozen meat or any other hard stuff.


Specification: Stainless Steel Slicing Bread Knife 8 Inch

Brand Name


Model Number



Stainless Steel







Knife Size

8 inch

Handle Material

POM Handle

Handle Design

Non-slip, Ergonomic Design


Well Packed



Suitable For

For Meat,Fish,Fruit,Vegetables

Production Method


Knife level grade

High Grade

Knife Type

Bread Knife

Stainless Steel Slicing Bread Knife 8 Inch
Stainless Steel Slicing Bread Knife 8 Inch


Fore Food
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