Spinning Cake Stand- Detail Description About Our Product

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  • Weight:100 grams
  • Colour: Pink
  • Material: Food grade plastic
  • Size: 14cmx1.5cm
  • Use: For cake decoration.



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Spinning Cake Stand- Detail Description About Our Product

These days any party or a celebration is empty without a cake. Cake cutting is a fun activity, and it marks joy to all present there. If the cake looks more decorative, then it puts four stars to your party. There are lots of ideas to decorate your cake like icing, frosting, or by using a rotating stand. Meanwhile, A spinning cake stand is an object used to serve cakes that rotate and are also used for decorating cakes. These are usually circular, but some are turning. You can read this article if you want to use them for the proper decoration of your cake.

Spinning Cake Stand And Its Detail Description:

To make your party stand out, its best to have a functional and attractive spinning cake stand. For this propose there are plenty of designs available. One may buy this product as its design is the best. The name of this product is a 14cm cake decorating turntable. Side laces are used in the sizes of the cake to decorate it. Also, this product makes biscuits. Hence it becomes multipurpose. It comes in the best quality of plastic material, so looks attractive in pink color. Its size is 14cmx1.5cm approx.The product includes measurement descriptions. You can make your cake with precise size. It has circular rings that help you make perfect round baked cakes. This comes under the category decorating cake stand as it helps in decorating the cakes. The sides of the cake are decorated using this stand; hence it is ideal for good rotations.


Now satisfy your cake decorating hobby with more accuracy using this spinning cake stand. Hence, get the best tasty and well-designed cakes by using this product. To make it more memorable, therein, please invest in this product and enhance your party. It will defiantly create a good impression on the minds of the guests.


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Spinning Cake Stand- Detail Description About Our Product
Spinning Cake Stand- Detail Description About Our Product


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