Splash Shield: A Kitchen Tool Essential


  • KEEP YOURSELF DRY: Shield yourself from unexpected water splashes while cooking, dishwashing or rinsing fruits and vegetables in the sink.
  • EASY TO USE: Just stick the suction cup on the desired place with this flexible cover.
  • COLOR: As shown on the display images.
  • SIZE: 24cm*28cm
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x Splash Shield


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Splash Shield: A Kitchen Tool Essential

The splash shield is a great tool to use at the kitchen sink to protect you from getting wet. A lot of people for sure has an experience wherein some water splashed to their clothes after opening the faucet. However, thanks to innovations and creativity, we now have a solution to this concern. This is perfect for full-time moms, chefs, restaurant staff, or even any member of the household. We usually wear aprons as protection, but this product guards our outfit better than that. The material is plastic, so it is sure to last longer and stays waterproof as well. It is quite easy to clean and wash. Moreover, you can easily remove stains by washing the shield with water and soap.


It is a great tool to use while doing the dishes. Additionally, you can also use this when you are simply just washing your hands. It can save you from destroying your outfit with water from the splash of the sink. It comes with attached circular silicone plaster. So, it can hold the shield at a place on your preferred area in the sink. It can even protect the wall paints from the excess water sprayed from the faucet. We know for a fact that the quality of the paints on the walls may fade, especially in the sink area. So you can place the shield exactly on the side of the wall to protect the wall paints from water.

How To Use The Splash Shield:

Simply find an area on the sink where you would like to place the shield. Attach the silicone unto it. The shield will be stable, so you don’t need to worry about it removing off while you’re washing. If there are unnecessary stains and dirt attached after washing greasy dishes, then simply detach and wash off.

Specification: Splash Shield: A Kitchen Tool Essential

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Splash Shield: A Kitchen Tool Essential
Splash Shield: A Kitchen Tool Essential


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