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Storage Tray Dish: A Ceramic Food Container

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  • A storage tray or dish, specifically for butter storage.
  • Material: ceramic.
  • Cover material: wood.
  • Main color: white.
  • Package contents: 1 x butter sealing box and 1 x butter cutter.

Storage Tray Dish: A Ceramic Food Container

How about having a food storage box in ceramic? Would you like to try our storage dish tray for the same? This is a butter box, a Nordic container for food, a kitchen keeper, fancy serving tray, or a cheese tray/dish. No matter what you call it, this box can be a classy piece of tool in a kitchen corner. This product comes as a butter sealing box along with a wood cover sealing plate and a knife. Basically, this knife is to be used with butter. Coming to further details, this box is of ceramic, hygienic and wash-resistant. Let us discuss the gold trinket dish in detail.

Storage Tray Dish And Its Several Advantages

This porcelain butter dish has been fully-tempered. That will not allow the ceramic butter dish to crack or damage even at different degrees of temperature. Further, it has that wooden board or lid. This lid can find several other uses also. You can use it as a board as well.

Furthermore, this lid keeps the butter inside cool and fresh over a holiday meal or an extended buffet meal. This box brings you some more convenience. This butter box helps people remove the trouble of handling greasy wrappers too.

Avoiding Leakage Of Butter Upon A Table

When you have this gold trinket dish in your house, you need not worry about any spills of butter upon your preciously cleaned dining table. That’s because the fancy serving tray will take care and prevent any butter leakage on the table surface. For all these reasons, this product is a good recommendation to all butter lovers and families for use in their kitchens. For there’s more to this accessory, one can use it to store several other things also in a good manner. You can keep inside different foods for keeping them fresh for a longer time period. In fact, this combination of a butter knife and container is just the thing butter-lovers need.

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