Strip Belt For Cake Pans Baking Accessory

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  • Allows you to cook a cake with even proportions
  • Makes baking cake easy and perfect
  • Helps keeps the edges of the pan cooler for perfectly level and deliciously moist cakes
  • Material: Fabric
  • Package content: 1 x Strip belt for cake pans


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Strip Belt For Cake Pans Baking Accessory

This strip belt is a unique baking accessory that you wrap around the cake pans. It is a not so common accessory that home cooks use. It’s basically a wrap that helps you cook cake evenly. One of the common problems that most bakers would have is probably an uneven cake. More often than not, when you cook a cake, the sides are already good but the middle part is still a little raw. That results in a not so good cake. And you might end up just throwing it. As a result, you are just wasting ingredients, time and effort. That is probably why this particular product was invented. It can prevent overcooking of the sides of the cake. Most important;y, it can help you cook a perfectly even cake. You can now say goodbye to high-rise centers, cracked tops, and over-cooked edges.

Features Of The Strip Belt

This baking belt is very easy to use. You just wrap it around the pan and seal or lock it using the loop that is provided on the strip. There is only one color for this product which is purple. The material is fabric. So having said that, you can wash it and use it over and over. The size if 88 centimeters by 4 centimeters. It can withstand a high heat temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So it is safe to use and you can put it inside the oven together with the pan.

Ideal Gift Item

Because of its unique function and features, this particular product makes it ideal to give as a gift to family and friends who are into baking. The strips can definitely change the way they do baking. You can give this as a birthday present, or a graduation present. Furthermore, you can give this during a housewarming event, for a wedding and even for regular days.

Specification: Strip Belt For Cake Pans Baking Accessory

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Strip Belt For Cake Pans Baking Accessory
Strip Belt For Cake Pans Baking Accessory


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