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Sugar Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Sifter

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$21.70 $19.76

  • Made of Premium Stainless Steel
  • Features: Anti-splashing; Easy to use; Easy to clean; has wide uses
  • Color: Silver
  • Diameter: 10.3cm/4.05in
  • Size: 15.5 x 10.3 x 9.5cm
  • Net weight: 120g

$21.70 $19.76

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Sugar Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Sifter

Have you wanted to use a sugar mesh strainer? Would you need to sift your dry ingredients when baking? If you are into baking, then this tool is actually a must-have for you. There are a lot of ingredients that you need to sift to make sure of its fine texture. This sieve cup is an upgrade of a tool in comparison to the conventional sifters that you see in the market. There are better advantages for using this cup instead of those tools.

One of which is that it is more neat and organized. You can also be able to control the amount of sifted ingredient depending on the pull of the handle. It comes with a handle that you can pull so that the dry ingredient can come through and be sifted. This product is very useful for all the bakers out there. If you want to save more of your time from the sifting, then use this tool. Moreover, this also allows you to decrease the mess in your kitchen counter when sifting.

Features of this Sugar Mesh Strainer

The whole flour sieve is manufactured by high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and high strength. It features an anti-rust function and is lightweight to use. You can easily bring it from here and there. It does not add a lot of weight to your hand when sifting, so you won’t have tired hands after that. This flour sifter comes with a large-diameter design, you don’t need to worry about the problem of flour splash when you pour in flour. It comes with a Mechanical cup style design.

You only need to put the flour in the flour sieve, hold and pull the handle, shake gently, And the flour will come out. It is very easy and convenient to use. You can surely hold and let go off the handle anytime you wish. The powdered sieve is designed to make fluffy flour. It definitely is a good helper in making cakes, biscuits, bread puffs. It is also good for use to sprinkle with cocoa powder and the sugar powder.

Product Description

This product is of premium high-quality stainless steel. Its color is silver. The size of the diameter is 10.3 cm. The actual size is 15.5 x 10.3 x 9.5 cm. It weighs 120 grams.

Specification: Sugar Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Sifter



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Model Number

Flour Sieve

Sugar Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Sifter
Sugar Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Sifter

$21.70 $19.76

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