Now You Can Make Sushi Easily

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  • Made of non-toxic food-grade plastic
  • Perfect for making sushi rice balls called Oginiri in Japanese
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Smooth and nonstick surface so it’s convenient
  • Material: Plastic


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Making Japanese Food with Ease

Sushi maker is a kitchen tool, effective in cooking Japanese dishes like rice sushi. Do you love to try making Japanese food in the comforts of your own kitchen at home? So it might be a little intimidating to imagine creating authentic Japanese without any idea on how to do it ourselves. Moreover, Japanese food has now been getting more and more famous and common for anyone. As a matter of fact, even non-Japanese people are learning to love this cuisine. That’s why it’s great to invest in kitchenware that can help us in making Japanese food. You can learn to make Onigiri rice ball in a much more convenient way.

Product Features

This sushi maker mold is made of non-toxic food-grade plastic. It is with high-quality plastic, so it lasts a long time. Furthermore, it is safe for any kind of food. It is definitely safe to use for anyone in the family. The sophisticated design is induced with fine workmanship. Its texture is smooth and has a non-stick surface so you can easily remove the sushi right after the molding. Therefore it’s very easy to use. The color of this product is white. One package includes four items, which come with two big ones and two small ones. The big rice molder is 6.2cm x 4.2cm in size, and the small size is 5.2cm x 3.9cm. It weighs 34 grams in total. These all come in a triangular shape.

How To Use 

To make an Onigiri rice ball, simply fill in the triangular case with your cooked sushi rice. And then, put down the cover of the case and firmly press it down. After some time, you can remove and take it out from the molder. Prepare the rest of the ingredients to finish your Onigiri dish. For cleaning, you can easily wash off the product without scraping off excess since it’s non-stick. Lastly, just wash it with water and soap and store it back to your kitchen drawer.

Specification: Now You Can Make Sushi Easily

Brand Name




Model Number



Sushi Tools




Food Grade Polypropylene (PP)

Sushi Tools Type

Sushi Molds

Now You Can Make Sushi Easily
Now You Can Make Sushi Easily


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