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Syringe Nozzle Decorative Baking Tool


  • A modern-day version of the icing pipe bag and nozzle
  • Allows you to create cookie pieces and also decorate baked goodies
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Comes with 18 different nozzle designs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Package content:
    • 1 x Syringe Tube
    • 18 x  Nozzles


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Syringe Nozzle Decorative Baking Tool

This syringe nozzle is a modern baking tool that is mostly used by home cooks. It is actually a good substitute for a traditional piping bag and piping nozzles. New inventions have been flocking left and right for the food industry. But of course, these new products that are coming out now aims to make our lives better. And that is what this nozzle is all about. To make a baker’s life more fun and enjoyable.

Multipurpose Use Of The Syringe Nozzle

This piece of modern decorative baking tool is actually multipurpose. You can have many uses for it. And that is really a good thing. First of all, it is common to use when you want to put icing decorations on a cake, biscuits, cupcakes or cookies. The second use for this tool is to create cookie shapes and biscuit shapes. You can put the dough for the cookie or biscuit inside the tube and press push it to make cute shapes. The third use for this would probably be to put filling in cream puffs, pies, and other pastries with fillings. Lastly, you use it to put topping designs like choco syrup, honey, and whipped cream on pancakes, ice creams, and other food items. You can really unleash your inner creativity when using this tool. You can have fun creating different pieces of baked goodies and pastries. It can even help you level up your baking skills.

Specs And Features Of The Product

The product only comes in one color which is purple. The material is PP plus PS plastic which food-grade and safe to use for food items. It is durable and can definitely go a long way. It only weighs 130 grams so it is really light. Though it may be light it has a capacity of up to 250 milliliters. So that is really good enough for you to decorate and place cookies on pans.    

Specification: Syringe Nozzle Decorative Baking Tool

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Dessert Decorators

Syringe Nozzle Decorative Baking Tool
Syringe Nozzle Decorative Baking Tool


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