Tips To Buy A Mesh Cover – Make The Best Investment


  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Metal Type: PP
  • Model Number: Water filter baffle
  • Certification: CE / EU
  • Specifications: length 28.5x width 10.5x height 0.5cm
  • Color: red, blue, yellow
  • Net weight: 67 g
  • Uses: cleaning food filter water
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Tips To Buy A Mesh Cover – Make The Best Investment

Mesh cover constitutes an essential accessory in our kitchen system. Although some people may consider it to be insignificant equipment, its importance cannot be denied. It is instrumental in filtering water, juices, and other liquids. Water may be passed through this cover to remove its impurities. Similarly, various fruit juices may also be cleaned with the help of this product. This mesh cover is also of polypropylene (pp), which is an eco-friendly material about other materials in similar accessories. It is available in three basic colors, which we could choose our preference.

How To Use A Mesh Cover

The cover is straightforward and comfortable to work on. Its mechanism is effortless, and anyone can operate it. We need to place the cover over the pot. Afterward, we need to pour the liquid that we want to purify. All the impurities and dust would accumulate in the cover itself, leaving us a filtered and purified liquid. Now we can remove the mesh cover and can cherish the clean liquid by pouring it into any other pot.

Tips To Buy

You can always look if the features of the product fit your requirements. The utility of mesh cover also increases many folds in rural and other backward areas where the drinking water contains a lot of impurities. This easily affordable product would prove to be boon to those villagers. It also doesn’t consume any electricity or other source of power. Thus it is environment friendly. 


Apart from all these factors, its mechanisms are so simple that people of all age groups ranging from children to adults may use it. Also, a person may carry it from one place to another if required. So this product is durable, eco-friendly, less spacious, and lastly portable.

Specification: Tips To Buy A Mesh Cover – Make The Best Investment



Metal Type


Model Number

Water filter baffle




Water filter baffle


length 28.5x width 10.5x height 0.5cm

Net weight

67 g


cleaning food filter water


red, blue, yellow

Tips To Buy A Mesh Cover – Make The Best Investment
Tips To Buy A Mesh Cover – Make The Best Investment
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