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Tweezer Tongs Serving Presentation Kitchen Tool

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  • Lets you make design and plating decorations
  • Common to use by chefs and cooks
  • Has an anti-skid handle to allow a better grip
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Package content: 1 x tweezer tongs

Tweezer Tongs Serving Presentation Kitchen Tool

Tweezer tongs are small tools that chefs use to pick up small food items and put them on a plate. Other term for this tool is chef tweezer. This is common to use for making food presentations and garnish on the dish or plate. This kind of kitchen tool is actually common among high-end chefs ad restaurants. Because as we all know, most of their dishes are well plated and have intricate designs. Thus the need for such a tool in order to execute it properly. Though it is common among high-end dishes, it does not mean you can’t have it. You can do plating and dish decorations even when you are at home. Or if you have a restaurant, you can let your cooks and chefs use it.

Features Of The Tong

This tong comes with a good tweezer. It is not an ordinary straight tweezer. It has a 30-degree angle between the handle and the tip. This makes it easier to use tweezers. Furthermore, this bending angle allows you to have better visibility of the food items you are trying to work on. It does not block your sight at all. It has a bumpy texture on the handle are so you can have a better grip of the tweezer. Holding something small is not that easy. But with this anti-slip design, you can work on your plating with ease.

Because the tongs are cute and tiny, you can easily carry it around when you need to go to places to cook. You can just put it inside a small bag or even slip it in your pocket.

Specs Of The Product

The material for this tweezer is durable stainless steel. It is strong and durable enough to last a lifetime. SO make sure to take care of it and always keep it after use. It only has one color which is rose gold. The color alone is really elegant and fancy. And it only comes in one size which is 13.9 centimeters.

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Tweezer Tongs Serving Presentation Kitchen Tool


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