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Wooden Knife Block Stand Is A Valuable Kitchen Tool

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  • It is of bamboo and eco-friendly material.
  • It has seven slots that are designed neatly.
  • The size dimension of the holder is 20.5*10*12.5 cm
  • Color: Natural wood color

Wooden Knife Block Stand Is A Valuable Kitchen Tool

Knives are an essential kitchen tool, without which obviously no food preparation task completes. Also, women stock many kinds of knives as different ingredients need sharp knives to chop or slice. So, the best way to store and declutter your kitchen is by putting a wooden knife block at your kitchen countertop.

About Wooden Knife Block

This holder is an eco-friendly product as bamboo is a raw material used to create it. You can give a pleasant touch to your kitchen because this knife holder is a blend of contemporary and nature-friendly design. Thus, if you are the one who cares about nature, you’ll surely love to use this holder rather than investing in a plastic product.

Also, it has an anti-slip bottom, which will prevent it from slippage as well as fading out. So, whether you are a professional chef or homemaker who loves to cook, this kitchen knives holder will become your go-to equipment for sure. The design is beautiful with precisely crafted slots. Additionally, the scissors slot at the bottom gives it a unique look.

Features Of Holder

It is a high-quality product with an attractive style and looks.

The knife holder is lightweight and durable.

It has seven slots designed neatly.

The different slot sizes are – 11 cm, 6.4 cm, 3.5 cm, 5.5 cm, and 5.5 cm.

Perks Of Buying Knife Holder

This product will really help you to maintain your kitchen storage requirements.

It is a perfect product to place different knives orderly such as fruit knife, cleaver, meat knife, etc.

You can also store scissors in it.

The wooden knife holder will help you to keep these dangerous sharp objects out of the reach of children.

Product Specifications:

Material: Bamboo

Size: 20.5*10*12.5 cm

Color: Natural wood color

Feature: Eco-friendly

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Wooden Knife Block Stand Is A Valuable Kitchen Tool


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