Water Filter Adapter For Your Needs


  • Product type – kitchen sprayers
  • Colour -white
  • Material -steel and plastic
  • Price- affordable


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Water Filter Adapter To Enhance Water Momentum

A water filter adapter is needed for us to ensure the water quality coming off our faucet and showers. Water usage and water wasted may simply rely on the kind of adapter we use on our faucets and bath equipment. By making sure that you do not waste our precious resources, you can rely on this nozzle.

Uses And Benefits Of The Water Filter Adapter

This product is useful in enhancing water momentum in your bath shower, sink, or kitchen sink. It helps in increasing pressure but saves 30-70% of water compared to other kinds of water bubbler. Furthermore, it does also have a filter that segregates the solids from the water. It improves the water condition and makes sure it is as refined and pure as its best. It prevents water from overflowing and wasting a lot. The best thing about it is its mixture of air within the water flow. Thus, it creates a gentle and softer water quality. It doesn’t hurt or bruise your skin because it has the right amount of pressure. Too much water pressure is not good for the skin, as it can result in redness and minor bruises. Because of its 360 degrees water rotation function, it makes it easier to distribute the water all over the entire sink. It doesn’t clog up easily, and you can clean it conveniently without too much work. You just need to remove the outer ring and clean up the filter once in a while.

Product Details

This product comes in silver and black in color. The material used is Cuprum, ABS, and stainless steel. It is easy to install, so anyone can refer to the instruction guide and follow it step by step. The actual size of this adapter is 57 mm in length, 35 mm diameter in the bottom rim, and 21 mm diameter in the top inner rim of the nozzle. The outer diameter is 21.5 mm in size.

Specification: Water Filter Adapter For Your Needs


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Water Filter Adapter For Your Needs
Water Filter Adapter For Your Needs


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