Wine Bottle Rack To Organize Beverages At Home

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  • This kind of horizontal wine storage rack, made of food-grade PP material
  • It is safe and healthy, can be assured of with food
  • This has a wave groove design, wine bottles can be easily stacked
  • Perfectly sized for kitchen countertop
  • Material: PP
  • Color: Dark Gray/Light Pink/Ligh Blue/Khaki/Milky White
  • Size:29.3 x 9.8 x 2.3cm
  • Package Content: 1 x 1 pc. Wine Bottle Rack


KhakiLigh BlueLight PinkMilky WhiteDark Gray
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Wine Bottle Rack To Organize Beverages At Home

Wine rack bottle is very important in order to have a cozy and organize home. Using a wine rack can give you sufficient space to store beverages. Being organized in everything is very important especially for storing fragile beverages. You need to think about the best place and the safest one. Another is you need this kind of storage solution product to easily distinguish which is white wine, and red wine. This helps you to fix things in an easier way and faster as well.


This wine rack is made of good quality and it is brand new. It is made from plastic materials and it has a wave groove design for you to place a wine safely. The product is available in 5 colors these are the following: dark gray, light pink, light blue, khaki and milky white. It has a size of 29.3 x 9.8 x 2.3cm.
The wine rack can give you convenience in storing things in the safest way and considered as a storage solution for your home. This has a groove wave design for you to easily place your wine and to ensure that your wine is in good condition whenever you need it.

Why Use This?

Getting the right temperature for the wine is very important. The main purpose of this rack is to maintain your wine or other beverages in the best condition. Another reason to use this is for you to easily clean your wine by placing it in transparent storage.
You could not imagine how helpful this product unless you experience a broken glass of wine at home without proper storage. This is also a space saver, as you can save a lot of space at home having this. If you want not to check your wines from time to time, then use this for your storing.

Specification: Wine Bottle Rack To Organize Beverages At Home

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Wine Bottle Rack To Organize Beverages At Home
Wine Bottle Rack To Organize Beverages At Home


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