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What Are The Different Food Cultures In The World?

Do you know the core value of food in your regional culture? Every country associates their types of food with something different. For example, Italian food is a way to express your love and affection to someone. French consider food as something that will please them, and they associate it with ...

Top 5 Easy European Recipes To Add To Your Cookbook

Do you know European cuisine varies significantly throughout the continent? That's because it heavily influenced by climate, geographical, demographics, and agriculture. For example, cold atmosphere and oceans in the Northern part are why soups and seafood are an everyday staple there. Likewise, ...

Famous European Food That Everyone Will Enjoy Eating

In an alternate reality where the only corona we know about is a beer and summers are spent exploring exotic tourist spots while stuffing your mouths with the local delicacies. But this pandemic rained on our parade when months of planning, budgeting, and anticipation went down the drain with the ...