best charcoal grill

The Best Charcoal Grill: What To Look For

Normally when buying a high-tech gadget like a laptop, people spend months searching for the best device. They seek professional opinion and compare models with the same features by different brands and then make an investment. However on the other hand, while buying as simple as the best charcoal grill people tend to just pick up any model without putting much thought into it. You must be thinking that well, all the grills can cook meat so what difference does it make. Sure, they all can, but some small yet significant variations can bring magic to your sizzling piece of meat.

best charcoal grill

Charcoal grill: Grates

Let’s be real, we all prefer our meat to have perfect grill marks for the Instagram stories. These marks can only be obtained through some high quality, non-stick grates. Grates are the most important component of a grill and they are available in stainless steel, porcelain-coated steel, and cast iron. They all have some advantages but a cast iron grate is your best bet. It gives beautiful grill marks and cooks your food faster. Unlike steel, they can last longer and they are easier to clean. They can hold a large amount of heat without getting scorching hot. However, they need regular maintenance, cleaning, and oiling.

Charcoal grill: Temperature control

While cooking indoor on a stove, you can use a simple knob to change or control the temperature. However, this simple task can be quiet gruesome while cooking outdoors on a charcoal grill. It depends on several factors like the lid, dampers, thermometer, air vents, and distance between the coals. So before selecting a grill, make sure to check for these features. In addition to this, an adjustable charcoal bed enables you to change the height of the coal in it. In the end, a juicy, tender and succulent steak is only possible through slow and prolonged heating.

Features of the best grill

  • Ash is an insulator and if not removed properly can block the amount of heat reaching the food on top. Therefore it is essential to have a good ash removal system to ensure a BBQ cooked to perfection.
  • Having a waterproof and weather-resistant grill will last longer periods in the challenging conditions outside. If you want to mount it permanently in your backyard, such grills can be left outside uncovered in rain, wind, and snow.
  • Another vital characteristic is the ability to create 2 cooking zones. It means having a zone for direct heating and a different one for indirect heating via convection. This result in a piece of protein cooked well to its core.

best charcoal grill

  • The grill must be portable enough to move around without much hassle. The ideal grill is the one that you can assemble, move and store easily.
  • It should be easy to clean after usage.
  • A wide rack that can hold large quantities of food decreases the time spent cooking it.
  • As already mentioned, temperature control depends greatly on the distance between the coals. Therefore make sure that the charcoal chamber is accessible easily without burning your hand.

The design and frame should be sturdy and strong. Get ready to become a pro!

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