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The Best Tofu Meal Prep Ideas For A Vegan Dinner

Do you often struggle with cooking yourself a decent meal for dinner after work? Do you tend to incline towards takeaway or likewise tofu recipes for the sake of comfort and convenience? As a result, you are facing health issues like fluctuations in your weight and deterioration of your digestive system? If so then advanced meal prep on weekends for the coming week is a perfect solution to all of these problems. You can experiment with a variety of ingredients but this article will be focused on tofu meal prep ideas.   

Tofu Meal Prep: Curries

Who doesn’t love a bowl of warm curry served with rice, quinoa, or naan for the ultimate comfort food! These are some of the curries you can prepare and store in the refrigerator but don’t keep your options limited to only these. Don’t forget to bake the tofu before tossing in the sauce to retain its shape and for extra crisp.

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Tofu Meal Prep: Curries


Homemade teriyaki sauce might require some extra effort but contains way less sugar and sodium than store-bought. Mix the baked tofu with soy sauce, sesame seeds, spring onions, and broccoli for texture.

Sticky Orange: Tofu Meal Prep

This sweet and tangy sauce can be prepared in a few minutes to, therefore, give your taste buds a break from regular flavors. Enjoy it with a serving of your favorite vegetables and brown rice.

Indian Curry

Nothing beats a spicy, flavorful, and colorful Indian curry prepared with onion, garlic, ginger, green chilies, tomatoes, cilantro, and also spices. Serve it with fresh cucumber salad and preferably naan but boiled rice do just fine.

Tofu BBQ: Tofu Meal Prep

One of the most common meat dishes beginner vegans crave is the grilled, tender, and smoky BBQ. Since Tofu being their only replacement to meat a serving of grilled tofu is moreover a must in weekly meal prep. You can then use it to fix yourself tacos, burritos, sandwiches, or gyros.


Marinate tofu in a store-bought Texan marinade or prepare one at home in the blink of an eye. You can either grill it while preparing all meals or right before eating, totally your choice.


Prepare a paste with lemon juice, garlic, some yogurt, ginger, salt, chilies, and tikka masala. Let the tofu rest in the paste for a few hours and then grill it.


This simple recipe only needs garlic, olive oil, lemon zest, and freshly chopped herbs.

Tofu Meal Prep: Nourish Bowls

If you are looking for wholesome and nutritious tofu recipes loaded with vegetables than these bowls are ideal for you. There are more vibrant than salads and can be stored for a longer period.

Tofu Meal Prep: Nourish Bowls

Burrito Bowl

These Mexican bowls appeared recently on the culinary map but gaining popularity very rapidly. In bowl top cilantro lime rice with beans, tofu foods cooked in fajita seasoning, salsa, avocado, and sour cream.

Buddha Bowl: Tofu Meal Prep

The philosophy behind these bowls is to cold serve a wholesome meal consisting of vegetables, plant-based proteins, and grains with a dressing of your choice. For proteins, you can use spiced chickpeas, lentils, or tofu.

They are almost similar to a Chinese chow mien but you will replace chicken with cubed tofu. Try these ideas and see the positive results!

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