tsukune donburi

Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Tsukune Skewers

Are you ready for an awesome summer cookout? Are you looking for something like a Japanese style? Japanese tsukune skewer is the most recommended option to go for this summer season. They are delicious and a fantastic combination of various flavors. They can be baked in an oven, but ideally, they are grilled. The high amount of fat in the tsukune donburi and therefore grated onions are needed to make them juicy and soft.

tsukune donburi
tsukune donburi

Quite Common Dish: Tsukune

Japanese tsukune skewers are one of the most common and likewise widely eaten yakitori dishes. Chicken tsukune skewers are the most popular ones amongst the Japanese. These bouncy and soft meatballs are first skewered and then chargrilled with yakitori sauce. At the end of grilling, a brushing tare sauce gives them a glistening salty and also sweet glaze.  You can use pork, beef, lamb, fish, or any other meat in it. It is not necessary to only choose chicken as minced meat. 

New Year Meal:

Japanese tsukune skewers are also considered as a New Year meal. People also eat different traditional seafood and vegetables as the New Year meal, but it can be a little boring. So, spice things up and try these Japanese skewers. They can be an exciting and refreshing take for a holiday party.

Main Ingredients: Tsukune

The main ingredient for Japanese tsukune skewers is ground chicken. It is a popular item for kids as well due to the soft texture. It is quite difficult to handle raw ground chicken because it is much softer than ground pork or beef. To bind the meatballs, you can use bread crumbs or potato starch as a binder. Be very careful with the amount of binder you add in the meat as it can totally change the meat’s texture and cause it to be too pasty. The stickiness of the meat can be eased by adding some oil on hands while making tsukune. Don’t hesitate to add some of your favorite vegetables to the meat. To give the meat a crunchy texture, vegetables like water chestnuts, chopped brown onion, or lotus root will be great to add.

Grilling Process:

At the restaurants, chefs use a special yakitori charcoal grill to grill tsukune. These grills have two rails so that each skewer rests upon allowing the meat to be rotated and suspended directly over the heat. Since people usually don’t have these special grills at their homes, it can be a disaster to put this loose patty food on a conventional grill. But don’t worry, people have developed methods that can moreover work on the common grills too. Start the tsukune in a nonstick frying pan, then skewer them and finish off on a conventional grill.

duk tsukune

Grill Tsukune

So to compile the whole story, Japanese tsukune skewers are a must-try dish for grilled food lovers. It has its own Japanese style and also is a lovely mixture of a sweet and salty taste. It is widely available in Japanese restaurants. The main ingredient used in it is chicken, but any kind of meat can also be used. It takes some time and effort to make them, but the taste they give is worth the effort and time that was given to it.

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