beef bulgogi recipe

What Is The Best Beef Bulgogi Recipe To Make?

Among the most popular Korean-style BBQ dishes is the grilled beef bulgogi dish that is prepared out of thin slices of marinated beef along with garlicky, sweet and salty sauce to spice up your family afternoon.

The term ‘bulgogi’ can be defined as ‘fire meat’ as well as is traditionally a delicious Korean recipe and is served around the world creatively with different sides and sauces.

If you have ever tasted the beef bulgogi recipe in the Korean style, we are sure by now you have become a true fan of the Korean cuisine. This article will provide our readers with the best Korean-style beef bulgogi BBQ recipe, which is sure to stand as the top-rated dish in your menu for the next family or friends’ get-together.

Best Beef Cut For Bulgogi

Originally, the dish’s preparation considers the rib eye or the top sirloin cut as the best beef cut, which is then thinly sliced across the grain. You must use the meat that has good marbling as better the marbling is, more tender the meat is.

Start with wrapping them in plastic as well as freezing them for about 2 hours or more. Then sharpen your knife and thinly slice them out against the grain.

How To Prepare Bulgogi Marinade?

Korean-style BBQ
Korean-style BBQ 

You can serve the beef bulgogi recipe with the classic marinade or sauce, which you need to prepare by mixing some of the very basic ingredients. These include soya sauce, sesame oil, wine, sugar, as well as garlic. To refine the flavor and further tenderize the meat, a Korean pear is grated to the paste. If you cannot find a Korean or Asian pear, try an apple, kiwi, or pineapple instead-but in limited amounts to avoid over tendering.

As you slice the thin layers of meat, it would be 30 minutes to an hour to marinate it.

How To Cook The Beef Bulgogi Recipe?

To grill the meat, you can use wood charcoal or simply charcoal, and you could even use a grill pan for the purpose. Make sure to preheat the pan hot as well as avoid overcrowding the pan for delicious caramelized meat. You can also stir fry the meat in the marinade for softer meat and enhanced flavor.

What To Serve The Beef Bulgogi Recipe Dish With?

The beef bulgogi bbq dish goes well with scallion salad wrapped with lettuce as well as ssamjang.

Also, you can even serve this finger-licking dish with rice, Korean veggie pancakes, or kimchi (Korean side dish). There are other combinations of vegetable sides such as the soybean paste stew that goes excellent with this authentic Korean BBQ recipe.

Here is a fascinating fact, once the Korean BBQ beef bulgogi is prepared, you can store the meal in an airtight container for approximately 90 days.


  • Frozen steak for nice as well as thin slices.
  • Soy sauce can make this dish completely gluten-free.
  • Brown sugar adds sweetness.
  • Sesame oil for cooking as well as to add the nutty flavor.
  • Garlic as well as freshly grated ginger for added flavors.
  • Chop green onions finely as well as separate the green and the white.
  • Grounded black pepper for seasoning.
  • Recommendation to add gochujang Korean chile paste depending on the taste aspired.
  • Toasted sesame seeds add to the final touch to the beef bulgogi recipe.


You can decide to cook it for dinner, or even for a family gathering, the dish is simply perfect if you are planning to treat yourself or even your family with something special. Try the recipe, it’s really fun to cook and eat.

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